Q How do I verify child support payments?
A. All payment verification must be done via the automated information line. Please call 843-549-9691, and have your account/case number available. If you do not have your account number you may call your case worker at 843-549-2870.


Q. What forms of payment are accepted for Child Support?
A. Credit cards and personal checks are not accepted. Child support must be paid by money order, business checks or cash. Mail your payment to Clerk of Court, P. O. Box 620, Walterboro, SC 29488. You must provide your case number on your payment. If you choose to make cash payments you will need to bring your payment to the office. Please have the correct change when making cash payments.


Q. How do I file for child support?
A. You may come to the office and fill out an application, the fee is $150.00 or you may receive an application to file through South Carolina Dept of Social Services, Child Support Enforcement. (SCDSS) for a fee of $25.00.


Q.What can I do if I am not receiving child support after it is ordered through the Court?
A. We have Child Support Enforcement Specialists available to discuss your case in our office.


Q.When will I receive my Child Support payments?
A. After a payment is posted, the payment to the custodial parent is mailed the same day if payment is made before 2:00 pm.


Q. What do I need to know to obtain a passport?
A. Click HERE to obtain information required to obtain a passport and other information about documents you may need when traveling outside the United States.


Q. How do I change my address and/or name?
A. You may come into the office and fill out a form (link to Change of Address Form) at the payment window or mail to Family Court, P. O. Box 620, Walterboro, South Carolina 29488 or fax the information to our office at (843)549-7740. We will need a copy of your picture ID.


Q, How do I get a divorce? Custody? Legal Separation? An Annulment?
A. You will need legal advice to complete the necessary actions required. We suggest you contact an attorney. We are not able to refer you to a specific attorney. Please check your local telephone directory.


Q. I’m not being allowed visitation as the Judge ordered. What can I do?
A. If you have specific dates/times in a court order, come to the office and request the “Contempt of Visitation” forms. The charge for filing a Motion is $25.00.


Q. Where can I research Civil/Common Pleas, Criminal/General Sessions information online?
A. Visit www.colletoncounty.org


Q. Does this office provide Criminal/Civil record checks?
A. Our office does not provide record checks. We do provide a statement as to anything filed of record at a cost of $5.00. The individual requesting the statement must come in with their photo identification, social security number and date of birth.