Capital Projects Sales Tax

Capital Projects Sales Tax

2022 Capital Projects Sales Tax

On April 6, 2021, Colleton County Council approved Resolution No. 21-R-10, creating the Capital Projects Sales Tax (CPST) Commission, which was tasked with the duty of considering proposals for funding capital projects within the County and formulating a question to appear on the ballot in November 2022 to impose a one cent sales tax.  The revenues generated by the tax may be used to fund or defray costs of capital improvements which are defined in S.C. Code 4-10-330.

Meetings will be held within the various communities in the County for public input regarding the projects to be proposed for consideration by the CPST Commission.  The Commission will use the information received by the citizens and municipalities to formulate the ballot question.


Program Facts

  • Essential Food Goods consumed off premises and Prescription Drugs are not subject to the sales tax.
  • Sales tax dollars raised in Colleton County stay in Colleton County.
  • Out of County residents are contributing to Colleton County Infrastructure.
  • If successful, the Penny will expire in 8 years.
  • This is the principal source of capital improvement dollars for years to come.
  • The projects chosen will reflect needs throughout Colleton County through a series of workshops and public meetings within the County.
  • By law, the money raised as a part of this program can only be spent on the projects approved by the voters.  Residents will see on the ballot how the Penny is being spent and Colleton County is committed to reporting progress to residents.
  • The Penny is for the listed projects only.
  • Projects submitted are reviewed by a third party consulting engineering company to help ensure that projects have been appropriately detailed for construction costs, as well as staffing, operation, and maintenance.


Capital Projects Sales Tax Commission
The Capital Projects Sales Tax Commissioners have been selected in accordance with the Capital Projects Sales Tax Act.


The Commissioners are an independent body formed to serve in a temporary purpose representing the citizens of Colleton County to complete the following: 


  • Assemble a list of qualifying Capital Projects from the citizens of Colleton County, municipalities, schools, and other local agencies.
  • Form a final project list in a prioritized order to include on a referendum for voter consideration on November 8, 2022.


NOTE:  County Council cannot modify the ballot question formed by the Capital Projects Sales Tax Commission.