CCSO Addressing Safety Concern

Posted by Meagan 03/16/2020

Individuals selling "coronavirus" cleaning products



UPDATE – Colleton County, SC (March 17, 2020): The main priority of the Colleton County Sheriff's Office is to ensure the safety of our citizens during this time of duress. The information regarding potential scammers was made available to encourage citizens to be aware of their surroundings and to immediately contact law enforcement if something suspicious is happening in their area.


Colleton County, SC (March 16, 2020): The Colleton County Sheriff's Office is addressing a safety concern in the neighborhoods of Longleaf and Silver Hills. Colleton County dispatchers received numerous calls regarding two black males going door-to-door selling cleaning products. The males are stating these products are for the coronavirus (Covid-19).


One male is large in stature wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and jeans; the other male is wearing a white button-up shirt with a spray bottle on his hip. Both individuals are getting in and out of a burgundy minivan. Colleton County deputies immediately responded to this area to address concerns. The males were only able to provide deputies pamphlets of their products, "Go Green." Both individuals were unable to provide business cards or additional information to legitimize this business. This business has not advised the Colleton County Sheriff's Office that they would be in the area selling products door-to-door.


The Colleton County Sheriff's Office is waiting for confirmation from this company and is urging all residents to approach at their discretion. It's the Colleton County Sheriff's Office's main priority to ensure the safety of our residents. If you or someone you know observes something suspicious, please call 843.549.2211