Q: How do I properly dispose of recycle antifreeze?
A: Colleton County does not accept antifreeze its recycling program. Your best option may be to check with your car dealer or mechanic to see if they will accept your antifreeze for recycling or proper disposal or call SC DHEC AT 1-800-768-7348.

Q: I saw something at the Convenience Center that I would like to have.  Will you give me permission to go back and get it?
A: No the County Ordinance does not allow anything to be taken by the public from a Convenience Center.

Q: Why can I only take small amounts of garbage to the Convenience Centers?
A: Space is limited at the Centers. If you arrive with a large load, you may be asked to take it to the landfill.

Q: Can I take my shingles to the Convenience Center?
A: No, all shingles must be taken to the landfill,  3288 Green Pond Hwy, Walterboro sc 29488

Q: Can I disposal of my old paint at the Convenience Center?
A: The Center will accept paint waste once it has been solidified or hardened. This can be done by mixing the paint with kitty litter or sand or you can donate your liquid paint to the Habitat for Humanity Resale store.

Q: Who would I contact if I have a complaint about a site attendant?
A: Site Supervisor at (843) 893-2313.

Q: Can I dump all of my trash into one container?
A: No. Department of Health and Environmental Control require that certain items must be separated, and the County's recycling process requires other material to be separated. For any questions see the site attendant.

Q: Do the Convenience Centers accept out-of-county waste?
A: No. Colleton County does not accept any out-of-county waste.

Q: What should I know prior to bringing asbestos to the landfill?
A: Asbestos is accepted at the landfill with a permit from SC DHEC. The landfill must be notified one (1) day prior to bringing asbestos.

Q: Do homeowners have to pay to use the landfill?
A: Homeowners can bring their household garbage, limbs, metal (white goods), etc. to the landfill.  The first 500lbs per month are free. The homeowner will be charge for anything over that 500 pounds per month.  

Q: Who can open a landfill account and how?
A: Residents may open an account at the landfill by providing a driver's license and mailing address. Commercial accounts may be opened by providing the firm information. In either case all waste for disposal must be waste generated in Colleton County, and there must be no current amount due when the account is opened. 

The Colleton County Council establishes fees on an annual basis for the Colleton County Solid Waste Division with the approval of the Annual Budget ordinance. Tipping fees for disposal of Residential waste exceeding the 500-lb per month limit shall be calculated based on the County’s cost in tipping fees.

For any other questions please contact Solid Waste.