Q.When do taxes become delinquent?
A.March 15th of each year is the final date to pay taxes before they become delinquent. If this day falls on a holiday or weekend, then the final date will be the first business day following the 15th.


Q.I did not receive a tax bill on my property; can I have the penalties taken off?
A.The only time we can request that the Auditor remove a penalty is when there is direct evidence that there has been an error on the part of the county.


Q.What happens when property is sold for delinquent tax?
A.When your property is sold at tax sale, you have one year and a day to redem (buy back) your property. During that redemption period, your redemption amount increases quarterly by 3% of the amount bid for the property.  The redemption amount cannot exceed the tax sale bid.  For example:  If your delinquent tax due is $300 and the accepted tax sale bid is $5,000, for the first three months your redemption amount is 3% of $5,000 or $150 plus the original $300 tax for a total of $450.  If the property is not redeemed during that first three month period, the redemption amount increases to 6% of $5,000 or $300 pluse the original $300 tax for a total of $600.  In the third quarter the rate increases to 9% and the fourth quarter to 12%.  If the quarterly percentage rate plus the original tax amount exceeds the accepted tax sale bid, the redemption amount will be the tax sale bid amount.  So the most you will pay to redeem your property is the amount of that accepted tax sale bid. 


Q.Is the tax list available on the website?
A. Yes. Click here.


Q.What information do I need to provide in order to purchase a Decal for my Mobile Home?
A.If you have purchased a new home from a dealer’s lot you will need to bring with you a Form 400 and the Bill of Sale. If you are buying a home from an individual, you will need to pay any tax that is due up to the present year, a copy of the title signed over to you or in your name, or a Form 400 and Bill of Sale. The cost of the Decal is $5.00.


Q.What information do I need to provide to get a moving permit?
A.If you are the owner moving your home within your county, we will need proof of identification (picture ID only). If it’s your home and you are moving it out of the county, we will need ID and the tax due up to the present year will have to be paid. If you are not the owner of the home and you are moving it in or out of the county, then you will need to bring in a written statement from the owner providng permission for you to move the home. The cost of the moving permit is $1.00.


Q.Why am I responsible for paying tax on property I just bought?
A.The tax on a property follows the property not an individual. It is advised strongly that you check to see if there are any taxes due on land or mobile home before purchasing so you and the buyer can determine who will pay taxes. Taxes are not prorated on Mobile Homes.


For Your Information
If you should happen to lose your decal or the window that the decal was in was replaced, there is no need to purchase another decal. The receipt of your purchase is on file and remains on file until home is sold or changes name.


If you are looking to purchase property at a delinqunet tax sale, you cannot just come in and pay the delinquent tax on the property to become the owner.  All that does is pay the tax for the owner. You will have to wait and see if this property goes up for sale and then be the highest bidder for that property, wait a year and a day to see if the property is redeemed.  If it is not,  you will be issued a tax deed to the property.