Q. Who do I call to get my road repaired?
A. That depends on who is responsible for maintaining the road.  Road are divided into four categories: county, state, municipal, and private maintained roads.


  • County Roads are maintained by the Colleton County Road Maintenance Department.  Typically, these roads have green street signs. (843) 539-1964 or (843) 539-1965.
  • State Roads are maintained by the state of South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).  Generally these roads have a number designation that contains SC, US or S. If you have any questions or concerns about these roads, please call SCDOT at (843) 538-8031.
  • Municipal are within a city or town, which are not maintained by the state or county.  If you have any questions or concerns about these roads, please call the appropriate municipal office.
  • Private roads belong to private individuals who are responsible for maintaining the roads.  These have not been dedicated to public use; therefore, the county does not perform maintenance on these roads.  Typically, these roads have blue signs.

Q. How do I place a work order for roadwork to be done on a road?
A. Call the Public Works Department at (843) 539-1964 or (843) 539-1965 and provide the following information:


  • Your name, address and a daytime contact number
  • The name of the road for which the problem is being reported
  • Provide detailed information concerning the problem
  • Provide detailed directions to the problem area ( subdivision name, road name, address or lot number, which side of the road, and name of the main road or highway the problem is off of)  Or you may send your work request via email. bwashington@colletoncounty.org or fvarnadoe@colletoncounty.org.

Q. What needs to be done before a driveway pipe (culvert) can be installed?
A. You must go to the Colleton County Administrator at 31 Klein Street in Walterboro to pay an upfront fee of $156 (One hundred and fifty sixty dollars) for a 24 foot driveway.


  • Flags will be provided to mark the pipe location.
  • There is a $6.50 (six dollars and fifty cents) fee for each additional foot.

Q. How do I report missing stop signs?
A. For county road signs call (843)539-1964 or 843-539-1965 for state roads signs call (843)538-8031.

Q. Who do I call for after hours road-related emergencies such as fallen tree?
A. Call the Colleton County Sheriff Office (843) 549-2211. Provide them with the location and a brief description of the emergency; they will contact the proper authority.

Q. How often is my dirt road scraped by the county?
A. County roads are on a 4 to 6 week cycle for scraping.  The cycle is subject to change base on weather conditions, while some roads are scraped on an as needed basis.  Roads are not created equal and are scraped and taken care of based on the needs of that road.

Q. Who do I call to find out when my road will be paved?
A. Call the Colleton County Clerk to Council at (843) 549-1725.