Hurricane Dorian – Monday, September 3rd Update

Posted by Meagan 09/03/2019

Colleton County is now at Operational Condition Level One.  OPCON 1 means a disaster or emergency is imminent.  The County Emergency Operations Center is fully activated.

Due to the approach of Hurricane Dorian, Governor McMaster has ordered an evacuation of many South Carolina coastal areas, including Zones A and B in Colleton County.  Colleton County residents in these zones must evacuate in compliance with the Governor’s order.  Please see below for more details.


There is an increasing risk for significant impacts in our area.  Tornadoes are possible tonight, and into tomorrow morning.  There will be more significant effects between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning, including four to seven feet of water inundation in evacuation zones and tropical storm force winds. 


Colleton County Fire-Rescue and the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office has brought in additional personnel in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.  This is a very dangerous storm.  The eye is predicted to come within 50 miles of our coast, with tropical storm force winds extending 100 miles inland, affecting all of Colleton County.


If you live in Evacuation Zone A or B, it is important that you evacuate as directed by Governor McMaster because Fire-Rescue may not be able to reach you quickly during or after the storm.  If you do not have the option of staying with friends or family outside of the evacuation zone, the evacuation shelter is open at the Colleton County High School at 150 Cougar Nation Drive.