Recruiting Poll Workers

Recruiting Poll Workers


The Colleton County Board of Voter Registration and Elections Office is looking for qualified registered voters who are interested in working in the 2020 elections.  Students who are 16-17 years old may apply. 


Scheduled elections for 2020 are the following:


Statewide Democratic Presidential Preference Primary

Saturday, February 29.  All precincts will be open.  Any registered voter can vote in this primary.


Statewide Republican and Democratic Primaries

Tuesday, June 9.  All precincts will be open.  If there is a runoff in either or both primaries, it will be held on Tuesday, June 23.  Registered voters will have to declare in which primary they would like to vote – Republican OR Democrat. 


Statewide General Election

Tuesday, November 3. All precincts will be open.


In order to be considered to work the polls, you must complete a poll worker application, have a working telephone number, have reliable transportation, able to work anywhere in the county, attend training class, work a minimum of 13 hours on election day and have effective communication skills. If interested in applying, please call 843-549-2842, come by the office at 2471 Jefferies Hwy, Walterboro or email us at or