Troubleshoot Problems

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Are you using the correct browser?


Are the correct browser extensions plug-ins installed?


Is your error a 'proxy error'?

  • If you recieve a 'proxy error' type of message, usually refreshing the page fix the issue.


Have you tried clearing you browser cache?

  • Your browser automatically stores information from sites it accesses and reuses that information when you re-visit the site. If an update hase been made to the application, sometimes it's necessary to clear your browser cache\cookies - essentially forceing your browser to open the application as a newly visited site. WARNING: If you use the bookmarks tool, your locations will be lost becuase this is one item stored locally.


Have you considered other maps as alternative solutions?

  • Last, if the map or app isn't working, let us know and browse our other GIS maps and apps. We've tried to provide alternate mapping solutions among the content in our new platform, so you still may find what your looking for.