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Commission of Alcohol and Drug Abuse


The Colleton Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse was created by legislative Acts beginning in 1974 and being adopted by the County of Colleton in 1980 through approval of Ordinance 80 – 0 – 7 which gave Colleton County Council its powers to appoint a local board to govern the framework and activities of the organization.

Specialized services for adults and adolescents range from screening and assessment to residential living for women with infants. The organization uses evidence based practices in its clinical and prevention activities in order to maximize the outcomes of those being served.

Referrals come from a number of sources, including local health care providers and practitioners, school teachers and administrators, social service agencies and criminal justice systems as well as other local rehabilitation programs.


Member Name Term Expiration Position
Tamara Berry-Stanley November 2023 Member
Henry Pinckney June 2024 Member
Leigh Cook June 2024 Member
Vera M. Bodison June 2024 Member
Dolphus Pinckney June 2024 Member
Tamara R. Chisolm Dobison June 2023 Member
Roman Cunningham April 2024 Member
Leila W. Williams September 2024 Member
Brandy Manigo November 2024 Member


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