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Roads and Bridges

The Roads & Bridges Department is responsible for the maintenance dirt roads and paved roads within the County. This includes ditching, grading, driveway installation, crosslink cutting, ditch clearing, and road sign maintenance and replacement.


  • Improve and maintain all  roads and bridges under Colleton County jurisdiction
  • Install and repair driveways or culverts on county maintained roads. (Fees Apply)
  • Maintain gravel roads by scraping, providing proper drainage and adding stone when necessary
  • Maintain road-side vegetation
  • Install stop signs
  • Construct and repair drainage ditches
  • Cut and remove trees from roadways and right-of-ways

This office DOES NOT do the following:

  • Provide maintenance on state or private property
  • Pick up litter or garbage on roadways
  • Pick up dead animals on any roads
  • Install speed limit signs or speed bumps
  • Pave dirt or gravel roads
  • Install or maintain traffic lights
  • Provide water or sewer services
  • Grant encroachment permits
  • Spray for mosquitoes

Carla Harvey, County Engineer, at (843) 782-3104.

County roads are on a 4 to 6 week cycle for scraping.  The cycle is subject to change base on weather conditions, while some roads are scraped on an as needed basis.  Roads are not created equal and are scraped and taken care of based on the needs of that road.

Call the Colleton County Sheriff Office (843) 549-2211. Provide them with the location and a brief description of the emergency; they will contact the proper authority.

If the roadway is County maintained, call (843) 539-1965 and for SCDOT roads call (843) 538-8031.

Call Colleton County Roads & Bridges Department at (843) 539-1965 for pricing. Payment for the pipe must be paid at the County Treasurer’s office prior to installation.

  • Flags will be provided to mark the pipe location
  • There is a fee for each additional foot over 24 foot.

Call the Colleton County Roads & Bridges Department at (843) 539-1965 and provide the following information:

  • Your name, address and a daytime contact number
  • The name of the road for which the problem is being reported
  • Provide detailed information concerning the problem
  • Provide detailed directions to the problem (Subdivision name, road name address or lot number, which side of the road, and the of the main or highway the problem is off of)
  • Or you may send your work request via email to

That depends on who is responsible for maintaining the road.  Roads are divided into four categories: county, state, municipal, and privately maintained roads.

  • County Roads are maintained by the Colleton County Road Maintenance Department.  Typically, these roads have green street signs. The County Road Maintenance Department can be contacted at (843) 539-1965.
  • State Roads are maintained by the state of South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT).  Generally these roads have a number designation that contains SC, US or S. If you have any questions or concerns about these roads, please call SCDOT at (843) 538-8031.
  • Municipal Roads are the roads within a city or town that are not maintained by the state or county.  If you have any questions or concerns about these roads, please call the appropriate municipal office.  The City of Walterboro can be contacted at (843)549-2545.
  • Private roads belong to private individuals who are responsible for maintaining the roads.  These have not been dedicated to public use; therefore, the County does not perform maintenance on these roads.  Typically, these roads have blue signs.

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William 'Bill' Washington, Director
Helen Bowers, Administrative Assistant
Gary Bryan, Asst. Roads Supervisor
Frankie Varnadoe, Roads Supervisor
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