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Course Rules

All golfers are expected to exhibit basic golf course etiquette. At Dogwood Hills we enforce the following rules: 

  1. Dogwood is now enforcing a dress code in 2022. Golf attire (i.e., golf shirts (collard and/or mock neck shirt are accepted)) is now expected and will be enforced.
  2. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISE. Dogwood Hills sells alcohol, so please adhere to this rule, and support your local course.
  3. If you bring a rider (one who is not playing golf), they must pay full price (cart fee + green fee) as well. This helps Dogwood keep track of all the carts being used and who uses them.
  4. Marshals are now on duty on the weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). This will eliminate overcrowding on the course and help improve the quality of play (pace of play, enjoyment, etc.).
  5. ONLY 4 golfers per group are allowed.
    1. If the group is larger than four, you will be asked to split up by the Pro Shop attendant and/or the Marshal on duty (if the issue occurs on the weekends).
  6. Greens and Cart Fees are still the same:
    1. Weekday: $13.79 (9 holes with a cart)
    2. Weekday: $21.21 (18 holes with a cart)
    3. Weekend: $19.13 (9 holes with a cart)
    4. Weekend: $26.55 (18 holes with a cart)
    5. Weekday: $8.00 (+ tax) (9-hole replay)
    6. Weekend: $13.00 (+ tax) (9-hole replay)
  7. Please fix your divot and ball marks. It is Dogwood Hills’ responsibility to keep the course in good shape to play, but it also up to the players to do their part to keep the shape of play in good condition. Do your part!


Note: None of these rules are used to upset or offend anyone. They are merely put into place to make Dogwood Hills Golf Course, a more enjoyable and successful course! At the end of the day, Dogwood Hills is a business, and we must treat it like one! Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, reach out to any Dogwood Hills Employee!


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