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Five Reasons to Join a Center

1. Socialize

People join the senior centers to connect, communicate, and socialize with other aged people in a healthy environment.

2. Physical Activity

These centers hold programs and events that help the aged stay energetic and active.

3. Promote Independence

Senior centers provide freedom to seniors so that they can live their lives normally. Promote independence because they believe that elderly people also deserve to live a joyful life.

4. Hot Meals

Senior centers are designed to provide a homely feel to the seniors. Therefore, these centers offer hot meals to the elderly. Seniors who are unable to attend can request home delivered meals.

5. Transportation

Many older adults find it hard to travel on their own. Seniors can enjoy an independent life by having transportation services to the senior centers.



Activities include: Arts and Crafts, Music Appreciation, Poetry Readings, Various Games, Arthritis Exercise Program, and Health/Nutrition Education.


Volunteer Opportunities

If you enjoy working with older adults or wanting to make a difference in your community, VOLUNTEER!

Volunteers talent or skills needed:

  1. Assist with Activities
  2. Assist with Arts & Crafts
  3. Clerical Task
  4. Deliver Meals
  5. Musical Performance
  6. Read Stories

For more information: Contact us!

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