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Facilities Management

The Colleton County Facilities Management department maintains all county owned buildings, grounds and boat landings. We are staffed with maintenance technicians, a grounds-keeper, and custodial staff. The maintenance technicians are responsible for preventative maintenance on all the buildings.  Preventative maintenance includes heating and air support, electrical, carpentry, and plumbing. The grounds-keeper is responsible for the outside appearance of the lawn and shrubbery. The department provides custodial services in a number of locations and takes pride in its carpet and floor maintenance program. Our Department is also involved in the renovation, remodeling and demolition of county buildings.

Facilities Management is an internal department within Colleton County Government. However, we receive numerous phone calls from the public. Our office will work to assist our citizens with contact numbers and to help answer their most frequently asked questions.

Please call Colleton County Animal Control at 843-893-2651.

Please call Colleton County Planning and Permit at 843-549-1709.

Please determine if you are on a State or County road then call the following:

State Hwy Maintenance Department - 843-538-8031
Colleton County Public Works - 843-539-1964

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Kelvin Priester, Director
Mary Sue Warner, Office Manager
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