Planning Commission


The Colleton County Planning Commission consists of nine members appointed by Council. The Commission reviews preliminary plats and makes recommendations to Council on rezoning cases, and prepares-and revises periodically-plans and programs for the development of the County. The Commission also makes recommendations to County Council on such issues as zoning ordinances, regulations for the subdivision or development of land, tree ordinances, and other matters related to the development of the County.

Staff is responsible for reviewing applications for completeness, and shall either return the application for additional information or schedule it for review and action by the board. Once completed staff will prepare and present a staff report based on the regulations and conditions set forth in the County ordinances for the board to review and make a determination.

Member Name Term Expiration Position
William Ponds, Sr. July 2026 Member
John S. Rogers June 2026 Member
Fred Reed July 2026 Member
Benjamin Scott Cook June 2024 Member
Ian M. Saunders June 2024 Member
Maryann Blake June 2024


R. Ian Padgett September 2025 Member
Adam Bishop July 2024 Member
Steven Baker October 2026 Member


Meeting Title Meeting Date Sort ascending Agenda File Minutes File
Planning Commission November 28, 2022 Agenda
Planning Commission October 24, 2022 Agenda
Planning Commission September 26, 2022 Agenda
Planning Commission August 22, 2022 Agenda
Planning Commission July 25, 2022 Agenda
Planning Commission June 27, 2022 Agenda
Planning Commission May 23, 2022 Agenda
Planning Commission April 25, 2022 Agenda Minutes
Planning Commission March 28, 2022 Agenda Minutes
Planning Commission February 28, 2022 Agenda
Planning Commission January 24, 2022 Agenda