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Commission on Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The Colleton Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, known as Pillars4Hope, was created by legislative Acts beginning in 1974 and being adopted by the County of Colleton in 1980 through approval of Ordinance 80 – 0 – 7 which gave Colleton County Council its powers to appoint a local board to govern the framework and activities of the organization.

Specialized services for adults and adolescents range from screening and assessment to residential living for women with infants. The organization uses evidence based practices in its clinical and prevention activities in order to maximize the outcomes of those being served.

Referrals come from a number of sources, including local health care providers and practitioners, school teachers and administrators, social service agencies and criminal justice systems as well as other local rehabilitation programs.

Please visit for more information about programs and services.

Please call our 538-4343 number for instructions Monday through Friday. If you are having significant physical symptoms, then call your local health care provider.

There is a hotline offered by the Sheriff’s Office and the AET Coordinator for citizens to report such incidences. The number is 843-217-3059.

Primary Prevention services, an Under Age Drinking Project (Colleton KEYS – Keeping Every Youth Safe), and an Alcohol Enforcement partnership with the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office (AET) provides the greater community of Colleton with opportunities to promote individual and community protective factors while reducing known individual and community risk factors.

Yes, there are per service charges and there are program charges. For instance, the DUI program ADSAP is $500 and cannot be discounted. Screening-Assessment-Treatment Planning is $160; however, discounts may apply. Group and individualized services may also be discounted. Call for minimum payments expected at the time of enrollment or admission to services.

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Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (

Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention for Youth: A Practitioner’s Guide (

In an attempt to reduce deaths caused by opioid overdoses Pillars4Hope distributes free Narcan daily. Walk-ins for Narcan and/or treatment services are welcomed.

Nikeyia Hammonds, M.A. MAC, CACII, LAC Executive Director
Saquanna Williams, MAC, LAC, CS – Program Director
Ashley Shearin, Prevention Director
Christina Coker, Finance/Operations Director
Roger 'Carl' Cutter, Outpatient Manager
Ty’Ionna Gillam, MAT Coordinator/Lead Counselor
Jessica Hunt, Quality Assurance/PAIRS Coordinator
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