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Landfill and Transfer Station Fees

The disposal fee for County property owners is:

  • $55.00 Transfer Station Household Garbage or Commercial Garbage
  • $45.00 C&D Landfill

The Colleton County Council establishes fees on an annual basis for the Colleton County Solid Waste Division with the approval of the Annual Budget ordinance. Tipping fees for disposal of Residential Waste exceeding the 500-lb per month limit shall be calculated based on the County’s cost in tipping fees


Click here for a copy of the County's Landfill Application.

Anyone that has a driver's license, mailing address, and does not have an outstanding landfill account balance.

Homeowners can bring their household garbage, limbs, metal (white goods), and tires etc., at 500lbs free per month anything over the 500lbs Homeowners will be charge for.

 Click HERE for a copy of the County's landfill rates schedule.

Asbestos is accepted at the landfill with a permit from SC DHEC. The landfill must be notified (1) day prior to bringing asbestos.

The landfill will accept paint waste once it has been solidified or hardened. This can be done by mixing the paint with kitty litter or sand or you can donate your liquid paint to Habitat for humanity resale store.

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Monday-Friday 8AM-4:30PM
Saturday 8AM-12NOON