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Do I need a permit to transport or sell nonferrous metals in Colleton County?

Yes. A state law was passed last year requiring persons transporting or selling nonferrous metals to obtain a permit from their local Sheriff’s Office. There are some exceptions and conditions and there is no cost for the permit. They can be obtained during regular business hours (M-F/8am-4pm, except holidays) at the Sheriff’s Office located on S. Miller Street in Walterboro. To find out what exceptions apply to you, if any, contact us by phone or come by the Sheriff’s Office.

The following is required to obtain the permit.

  • A completed application for a Permit to Sell/Transport nonferrous metals (available at the Sheriff’s Office or located in the “Forms and Documents” section on this page)
  • A copy of your valid South Carolina Driver’s license
  • A copy of your vehicle registration card (vehicle being used to transport metals)