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What does the Board of Zoning Appeals do?

The Board of Appeals has three major duties.  It can hear appeals from decisions made by the Zoning Administrator if the applicant questions the code interpretation provided by the Administrator.  The Board can also hear variances.  A variance is a relaxation of the dimensional requirements found in the Zoning standards due to a hardship that prevents the strict application of the codes from being applied, as long as the hardship is not created by the applicant.  The justification for a variance is not be based on the actions or choices of the applicant but to unique characteristics of the property. The third responsibility is to hear special exceptions.  A special exception is a conditional use allowed in a zoning district if the Board of Zoning Appeals agrees to allow it.  The Board has the right to require additional controls on a use as a condition of granting permission. The Zoning Board of Appeals regularly meets on the 4th Thursday of the month.