Trouble finding what you need?

Do you know the PIN?

If you said 'no', continue reading...


It doesn't matter if you're:

  • searching an online maps for property,
  • want a parcel maps printed,
  • paying taxes,
  • looking for real property assesments,
  • searching for registered deeds or plats....


As long your goal relates to a real property parcel,

YOU  NEED  THE  PIN. Or, unique Property Identification Number


Colleton County assigns ALL real property a 17-character uniquely identifying number, similar to a vehicle's VIN number. We never repeats PINs; so, 1 legal parcel = 1 PIN, always. The PIN is the single identifying number used to manage parcel boundaries that ties into aspects of most all related County services, like those mentioned above.


So, lets get you familiar with our resources and how you can find the PIN for the property your interested in.

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