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Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Trail Committee


There is established the Edisto River canoe and kayak trail commission to be the designated county authority for the development, preservation and protection of the Edisto River and other major rivers and waterways in or bordering Colleton County.

The Edisto River canoe and kayak trail commission shall be authorized:

    A. To appoint an advisory committee composed of not to exceed 20 members, which shall include SC PRT, SC DNR and tourism representatives and owners of property adjacent to the river, and the remainder of which shall be at-large representatives;

    B. To set an annual budget and send an approved copy to county council each June;

    C. To hire and set a salary for the director;

    D. To receive and expend gifts, bequests, devises, contributions, contracts and appropriations from public and private sources and to enter into contracts and leases; to seek financial support from private and corporate sources, foundations, and state and federal programs to carry out its programs;

    E. To develop tourism programs for the rivers and waterways in Colleton County which will not only help the economy but will help protect and preserve our natural resources;

    F. To give county council an annual report each year on the commission activities and progress.

The Committee meets every 3rd Monday at 6:00 P.M.

Member Name Term Expiration Position
Jonathan Burroughs August 2024 Chairman
Gary Hermann June 2026 Vice Chairman/Treasurer
Alta Mae Marvin March 2027 Secretary
Ian Dillinger June 2025 Member
Austin Mitchum November 2026 Member
Walter Runck February 2027 Member
Kaley Foley   Ex-Officio


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