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Keep Colleton Beautiful


The duties of the commission shall be as follows:

    A. To initiate, plan, coordinate, and encourage programs for litter control for the county on a sustainable basis and to present such programs, as recommendations, to the county council within six months of the commission's first meeting, and thereafter on or before April 1 of each calendar year or as often as may be necessary to ensure implementation of such programs;

    B. To implement and maintain the "Keep America Beautiful" program;

    C. To encourage the promotion of safety, sanitation, and cleanliness in Colleton County by beautifying the roads, highways, rivers, lots, yards, and other public places in the county;

    D. To develop educational programs to foster community awareness in the care, preservation, improvement, and maintenance of the county to keep the county clean and free from litter, trash, and debris; to encourage corporate involvement in the county's efforts to establish anti-littering campaigns;

    E. To cooperate and work with other county departments, agencies, and groups to carry out the general purposes of the commission.

The Commission meets every 3rd Tuesday at 6:00 P.M. at 403 E. Washington Street, Suite B, Conference Room, Walterboro, SC  29488.

Member NameTerm ExpirationPosition
Joseph Heyward, IIIJune 2025Member
Jacqueline Harvey-BrownApril 2025Member
Lillian ThomasSeptember 2024Member
Dawn DavisFebruary 2026Member
VacantOctober 2024Member
Ashley ShearinSeptember 2025Member
VacantFebruary 2026Member
Vacant Member
Vacant Member
Gary Rhode Ex-Officio


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