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Keep Colleton Beautiful


The duties of the commission shall be as follows:

    A. To initiate, plan, coordinate, and encourage programs for litter control for the county on a sustainable basis and to present such programs, as recommendations, to the county council within six months of the commission's first meeting, and thereafter on or before April 1 of each calendar year or as often as may be necessary to ensure implementation of such programs;

    B. To implement and maintain the "Keep America Beautiful" program;

    C. To encourage the promotion of safety, sanitation, and cleanliness in Colleton County by beautifying the roads, highways, rivers, lots, yards, and other public places in the county;

    D. To develop educational programs to foster community awareness in the care, preservation, improvement, and maintenance of the county to keep the county clean and free from litter, trash, and debris; to encourage corporate involvement in the county's efforts to establish anti-littering campaigns;

    E. To cooperate and work with other county departments, agencies, and groups to carry out the general purposes of the commission.

The Commission meets every 3rd Tuesday at 6:00 P.M. at 403 E. Washington Street, Suite B, Conference Room, Walterboro, SC  29488.

Member Name Term Expiration Position
Joseph Heyward, III June 2025 Member
Jacqueline Harvey-Brown April 2025 Member
Lillian Thomas September 2024 Member
Dawn Davis February 2026 Member
Angela McAdoo October 2024 Member
Ashley Shearin September 2025 Member
Anthony Black February 2026 Member
Vacancy   Member
Vacancy   Member
Gary Rhode   Ex-Officio


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