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Library Board of Trustees


The board as provided for in section 2.12.010(A) and (B) shall be authorized to exercise powers as to the policies of the county library which shall not be inconsistent with the general policies established by the county council, and pursuant to that authority shall be empowered to:

    A. Employ a chief librarian whose qualifications and credentials shall meet the certification requirements of the state library board, and who shall be responsible to the county library board for the administration of the program and the selection of library staff members required to carry out the functions of the library system;

    B. Acquire books and other library materials and provide for use thereof throughout the county;

    C. Accept donations of real property, services, books and other items suitable for use in the library system;

    D. Designate or mark equipment, rooms and buildings and other library facilities to commemorate and identify gifts and donations made to the library system;

    E. Cooperate or enter into contract or agreement with any public or private agency which results in improved services or the receipt of financial aid in carrying out the functions of the library system;

    F. Receive and expand all grants, gifts, donations, fines and fees from any private or public source for the operation, expansion or improvement of the library system;

    G. Take any actions deemed necessary and proper by the board to establish, equip, operate and maintain an effective library system within limits of approved appropriations of county council;

    H. Enter into contract or agreements with other counties to operate regional or joint libraries and related facilities, provided such contracts and agreements are approved by the county council.

The board meets every 3rd Monday at 4:00 P.M. at the Colleton County Library located at 600 Hampton St. Walterboro, SC 29488.

Member Name Term Expiration Position
Sallie B Stephens December 2025 Member
Kimber L. Santorella December 2025 Member
Olivia H. Padgett March 2026 Member
Vennie D. Mitchell May 2026 Member
L. David Martin, Jr. May 2026 Member
Celeste Stone May 2026 Member
Sally V. Williams September 2026 Member
Janis Blocker September 2026 Member
Sylvia N. Rowland September 2026 Member


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