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Recreation Commission


The commission is appointed to guide county council in the planning and development of recreation services and facilities in Colleton County. The commission is authorized to establish policies for the recreation department, with such policies being consistent with any policies established by county council. Specifically the Colleton County recreation commission has the responsibility and authority:

  1. To develop and submit to county council for approval a comprehensive plan for the development and provision of recreation opportunities/facilities for children, youth, and adult citizens of Colleton County, and to annually review and propose amendments to such plan;
  2. To recommend to county council for final approval the overall annual recreation department budget as prepared by the director;
  3. To apply for and receive funds, grants, donations, and appropriations for the accomplishment of recreation commission purposes. All such grants, donations, etc., particularly any requiring or obligating county funds, shall be approved by the county administrator or the county council as required and shall have Colleton County as the grantee and the recreation commission as the project director;
  4. To establish admission fees, rental rates, and other charges for use of recreation facilities; to manage concession operations at events; provided, however, that all such monies raised through such fees/rates and concession sales be accounted for and tracked appropriately in the county budget;
  5. To adopt regulations necessary for the management, regulation, security, and operation of its events and facilities;
  6. To recommend to county council contracts or agreements, which would provide improved services or financial aid for the recreation department and related facilities and services;
  7. To charter sports teams, leagues, and clubs, and approve their operating rules and fees;
  8. To develop an appropriate plan for the promotion and use of the county's recreational facilities and leisure activities/services;
  9. To work with other county departments, boards, and commissions, as well as, private community recreation groups and similar organizations to develop a coordinated program of leisure services in Colleton County in accordance with the needs, interests, and concerns of the county's citizens, educational, cultural, social, health and other community groups/associations.
Member NameTerm ExpirationPosition
Matthew W. HookerNovember 2024Member
Rodney Blaine Colson, Sr. November 2025Member
Clarence WigginsJune 2025Member
Billy Wayne ChambersNovember 2025Member
Mark TomedolskeyNovember 2025Member
Janice C. WrightNovember 2024Member
Ashley ShearinFebruary 2026Member


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