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Enhancements & Updates

We are always working to improve all of our applications - add, remove, or modify its content and functionality - to fulfill user requests (when possible), increase performance, add more user tools, and provide a better user experience overall.

Why should YOU be aware of updates and enhancements? 

When you use certain applications, internet browsers automatically cache (or save) information about the application to YOUR local computer. Public Parcel Viewer is one of those applications.  There may be times when you have asked about the GIS website and you are not seeing the same thing staff here are seeing.  Many situations could cause this, but the most common one is that your browser is using it's cached or "memorized" version of the web page to display the information.  When these situations arise, you simply need to clear your browser's cache (memory).

Listed below are instructions for the two browsers we recommend, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox:

Unfortunately, this necessary evil will also clear personal locations saved with the Bookmarks widget.


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